Lollipop Tree Project

Planting Healthy Lollipop trees in Children’s Cancer Clinics Nationwide.

At the Heart of Cancer there is HOPE

We share Education and Inspiration to spread that message.

Our Mission

To Educate on Cancer Prevention, Inspire Hope, and Meet the Financial Needs of Those Battling Cancer. We also plant lollipop trees in facilities providing cancer treatments to children.

Share Your Story Of Hope

Calling all cancer SURVIVORS… We’re collecting some data for a project we’re working on and we’re looking for stories of HOPE … Would you take this survey?  We’re really grateful … Feel free to pass this on anyone you think would share their story!

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43 children everyday are diagnosed with cancer

Cancer is a life altering disease that affects the lives of millions of families. Help us bring these kids a smile and comfort during their fight.

We educate on simple solutions to reduce your risk of disease

Our interactive wellness workshops explore the 3 ways toxins enter the body through ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption. We also educate on simple solutions to reduce your risk of disease.

To schedule or attend a workshop call 800-689-1277

The story of why we are so passionate about bringing smiles to kids with cancer:

H.O.P.E. News

Follow us to see how we are bringing H.O.P.E. to the cancer community through our Lollipop Tree Project.

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Grow A Lollipop Tree

Partner with us to bring joy and comfort to a child who has cancer by helping us grow a Lollipop Tree to your community.

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