Happy National Nutrition Month! For those battling cancer it’s important to have a balanced and healthy meal. Often times, there are restrictions on meals that can be hard to work around. We have compiled a list of different safe recipes for you or another cancer patient your life to enjoy.

Festive Sweet Tamales: Add some festivity to your week! Though flavorful, this recipe is considered a bland diet and can be eaten while going through treatment. Find the recipe here: https://www.cookforyourlife.org/recipes/festive-sweet-tamales/

Panettone French Toast: As another bland diet for an ongoing treatment, this toast is
an example of a classic meal for a cancer patient to enjoy. Find the recipe here:

Chicken and White Bean Soup: Soup may be an easy meal, but this one also has a lot of flavor. Find the recipe here: https://breastcancer-news.com/social-clips/2016/10/13/7-recipes-every-cancer-patient-should-try/

Cranberry bread: Great for breakfast or a midday snack, this is a quick and easy recipe for fresh cranberry bread. Find the recipe here: https://www.thehealthycookingblog.com/easy-cranberry-bread-recipe/#.WndqTBLyvq0

Fall Market Soup with Dukkah: Nothing warms the soul quite like a nutritious and hearty soup. Try this recipe made for cancer patients that the whole family can also enjoy. Find the recipe here: http://www.sonima.com/food/cook-for-your-life/

Miso Sesame Marinated Mackerel: This recipe is particularly effective for someone suffering
from high levels of fatigue. It’s easy, nutritious, and filling. Find the recipe here:

Huevos Rancheros: This is a recipe for cancer survivors trying to live a healthy life post treatment. It’s fast and nutritious. Find the recipe here: