About Handing H.O.P.E.

Our journey began in 2010 with the vision to make an impact in the cancer community. Kim Bavilacqua, a cancer survivor, partnered with her long-time friend, Jen Coffel. Jen found her passion for the same mission after losing her mother, father and best friend to cancer. Handing H.O.P.E. provides lollipop trees to children’s cancer clinics, hospitals, and camps nationwide.

About the Founders:

Jen Coffel

Jen Coffel


Jen Coffel is the co-founder of Handing H.O.P.E. Jen is responsible for the vision, strategy and national fundraising efforts for Handing H.O.P.E and the Lollipop tree project as it expands across the country.

“If you believe it you can achieve it” is Jen’s mantra in life.

Jen lost her dad, her mom and her best friend all to cancer in less than a 2 years time. Out of her loss and grief she found her passion to make a difference in the lives of those battling cancer.

Jen is an author and speaker. She has been featured and recognized on ABC News and the Chicago Tribune for her work in helping others. Her innovative and down to earth style sets her audience at ease and empowers them to receive her message of wellness.

Jen has over a decade of experience in the wellness industry and a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Contact Jen at admin@handinghope.org or 815-690-9095.

Kim Bavilacqua

Kim Bavilacqua


Kim Bavilacqua is the co-founder of Handing H.O.P.E. As a cancer survivor she knows the battle these children face. The lollipop tree allows her to bring hope and smiles to these children!

With a Bachelors of Social Work, Kim has been teaching wellness for 10 years. As a co-author of the awareness program, The No Toxin Zone, Kim is able to share her passion for helping others to be proactive about their own health through prevention and education.

A “master planner,” Kim’s expertise is in organizing and implementing corporate events and wellness workshops. Her humor and zest for life shines through as she shares the message of HOPE!

Email Kim at info@handinghope.org

Jon Evans

Jon Evans


Jon Evans is the Board Chairman of Handing HOPE. His passion to spread the good news of Jesus and serve God by seeking first His kingdom is what drives him.

Jon’s technical and creative skills play a huge role in everything that Handing HOPE does. He is the Author of “The Doer of The Most Important Stuff” and founder of Zapaty, a Coaching and Marketing company that helps people make their ideas a reality.

Email Jon at info@handinghope.org

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